New conditions require new solutions!

Now at BRAGUTSA you can order stylish images with contactless delivery.

In the online store, the “Delivery with fitting” service has become available for our beloved customers in Moscow and the Moscow Region (up to 20 km from MKAD). Fashionable online shopping with your favorite brand is even more convenient!


Just in case, we recall that:

delivery with fitting is carried out by the courier SDEK;

delivery time - from 2 days;

the possibility of full or partial redemption of the order;

the cost of the service is 495 rubles;

Payment is carried out only online.


How it works?

Before delivery, the courier calls the customer and clarifies whether there is the possibility of contactless delivery.

Having received consent, our employee leaves the goods in front of the recipient's door, leaves for a safe distance and tells him that the parcel can be picked up.

If you ordered delivery with a fitting, the courier will wait 15 minutes outside the door. You can try on things and either leave them or fold them back and leave them at the door.


How to pay for the order?

We recommend making payments during viral diseases online on the website or to a courier using a credit card, Android Pay or Apple Pay.

Service "Delivery with fitting"

RUB 390.00Price